A whole new in-car experience.

Our connected car solution

In today’s world, we expect increased connectivity and voice interaction for a safer road.

With XBrain, you are in control: engage with your customers and enhance the way they drive and interact with your vehicles.

XBrain’s technology provides the best in-car experience.

In-car experience

A world-class assistant designed for cars

Drivers around the world spend an average of 50 minutes per day in their vehicle. At XBrain, we see this time as a great opportunity to optimize productivity.

For several years, we have been designing this smart assistant for automakers, OEM and insurance companies.

We are now able to deliver human-like interactions through natural language. Optimized for hands-free use, our solution is fully connected to a cloud-based platform.

The strengths of our solution:

  • State of the art natural language understanding
  • Vocal HMIs
  • Hybrid structure (onboard and offboard) giving access to local services when disconnected
  • Suggested maintenance and scheduled operations with the brand dealership
  • In-car proactive and smart services
  • Access to the car’s information from personal devices (phone, tablets, laptops, etc.)
  • Links with other connected objects
  • Fast and easy to implement and deploy

Over 40 Voice-Controlled applications already available: Phone Calls, Navigation, Maintenance, Calendar, Points Of Interest, News, Weather, Stocks, Music, Social Media, TV, Eco-driving indicators and more...

This technology provides innovative services such as:

Our tools

The platform

Reach your clients everywhere and provide them with unique services over any mobile device.

Since the company creation, we have been focusing on the development of a cloud-based platform. More than 100 technologies and languages have been studied to identify and leverage the best ones. The platform is simply the quintessence of our long-term experience and expertise.

Our solution offers a number of advantages compared to other solutions:

  • Voice interaction and feature control
  • Continuous, multi-screen access to services
  • Cloud profile management and updates
  • Data ownership
  • Secured management of personal data
  • Analytics & reporting


Xbrain also offers a development platform for you and your partners.

Our Standard Development Kit is now available to accelerate and enhance the technology’s ever growing capacities (Voice and Connected Platform IDE, VCP Dialog Language Service, a debugging & testing environment, publication tools, client libraries for all major devices platform such as Android, iOS or Windows Phone).

Who we are

Our team exists to build the technology and design the solutions that are making cars smarter and the road safer.

Our team

The XBrain team, located in France and the USA, is a group of amazing talents put together by Gregory Renard.

Our backgrounds include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Voice and Dialogs, Sentiment Analysis, Big Data, Consumer Electronics and Operating Systems, and Semiconductors.

For over two years, our team has been advised directly by automotive industry experts.

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